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Fence and Deck Staining

Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Space With Fence And Deck Staining Services

Why Hire a Professional?

Ensure Top-Quality Results

Don't let your fence get to old and weatherd out by the elements! Let us do a soft wash or pressure wash to bring it looking back like new! Wih a fresh two coats of stain of your choice, you will be saving a lot time and expenses! Specially now that materials and labor has gone through the roof!

When you work with us, you’ll benefit from
  • Prevent rot and infestation

  • Improved appearance of your deck and fence

  • Extend the life of your deck and fence


Here's How We Do It

  • Remove any items from fence or deck

  • Pressure wash fence or soft wash

  • Replace any rotten or damaged wood

  • Cover and protect any areas to be worked on

  • Apply two coats of stain

  • Clean up

  • Final walkthrough

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