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Drywall Repairs

We Can Help You With All Your Drywall Repair Needs And Popcorn Cieling Removal.

With over 30 of years experience here at JC Quality Painting and Drywall, we can tackle any drywall repair. From a hairline crack to any major repairs, we will match your existing texture no matter how big or small your repair is. So let JC Quality Painting an Drywall handle your drywall needs. We'll show up on time with the right equipment, corteous with your home, move any furniture, and be adaptable to your schedule and needs.

Drywall Repair and Restoration
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Construction Worker

Here's How We Do It

  • Cover and protect floors and areas to be worked on

  • Create a sealed barrier around the area to be worked on.

  • Remove damaged sheetrock

  • Create new support for new sheetrock

  • Install sheetrock, tape and float, texture

  • (Optional) paint drywall repair

  • Clean up, sweep, and vacuum

  • Final walkthrough



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